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WELCOME TO you for visiting our website. This site is free for the public to visit and connect to any business listed. Please be patient as we just made a major upgrade to our website and we have just completed a review of accuracy on all of our 1,000 + pages of Local information, Business contacts & content- Just Click!


This is your one stop shop for anything and everything Yamhill County. Any of the businesses or events you find on our site are based locally and all companies have a physical location in our county. It is a requirement of our site to ensure that any money you spend here, along with any home improvements and repairs, are completed by local businesses.

The annual cost for a Business to be listed on our website in all pages and categories that they provide their professional services in is only $100 per year for Businesses with 2+ employees, and only $50 per year for Independent Contractors and a small Business with/1 employee

If you are interested in being a part of our website and community please Contact: Alan Baker 503-434-0545

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