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McMinnville Elections  

November 3rd, 2020 

This page is to simply show what  positions are currently going to be up for the upcoming election, what candidates are running for local office, and a basic link to their contact info and websites.

McMinnville city Election page 

McMinnville City Council

Boards, Commissions, and Committees

McMinnville Mayor Candidate  Scott Hill







Current Mayor of McMinnville

26 Years on McMinnville Budget Committee

 including 15 as chair

12 Years on McMinnville City Council

4 Years as Mayor

Scott Hill sign.jpg

Chris Chenoweth: Ward 1 Councilor



*Public Safety

*Jobs & Economic Growth  (971) 237-1515

chris chenoweth.jpg

Kellie Menke: Ward 2 Councilor


Current Ward 2 Councilor

Brittany Ruiz : Ward 2 Councilor



*Safety of our community, supporting our first responders

*Increase parks funding for ADA swings and play equipment

*Open and transparent City Council meetings, work sessions     and ensuring public comments.

*Mental  health, housing and homelessness: Partner with   local Churches, non-profits & agencies to support key   causes driving up homelessness

637 SW Keck Drive,#512 McM 503-883-1610

Adam D. Garvin:  Ward 3 Councilor


Current Ward 3 Councilor

  • Airport Commission

  • Executive Board for YCOM

  • KOB Technical Advisory Committee

  • Downtown Safety Taskforce

  • Small Business Community

  • Public Safety

  • The Livability of the City

adam garvin council.jpg
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