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Yamhill County Musicians and Bands

Welcome to our Yamhill County Music Connection

Who is playing where & when with their schedules & Social Media Links..

What is happening in the Music scene 

Bands, Local Musicians   with Links to their Live Events

Karaoke locations around Yamhill County

DJ's and where they will be

What Festivals, Events and Celebrations happen here Annually

Music Schools - Lessons

Dance Studios - Lessons

Recording Studios - Music Producers 

Art Galleries - Artists - Lessons - Classes

What locations have Live Music and links to their Schedules from Local Restaurants to Vineyards, Pubs to Parks, Rooftops to Mountaintops...we will try to keep you linked

Anyone who would like to submit there own contact info or for others please help me make this page GREAT... Together we can do it, Let's show what we got..

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