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Newberg Candidates & upcoming Elections

Welcome to our web page dedicated to bringing information, Events and Candidates Bio's of the Newberg Elections. We felt this would be a very good space for simple links to the various people and issues that effect Newberg during the Election season as well as all year long.


Our Elections page will have more information on our Yamhill County Elections both before, during, and after with county election results. Please remember this is a new website so it is taking me some time to bring all of our pages to life and maintain their updates.

To contact our Yamhill County Clerk Brian Van Bergen visit 414 NE Evans St McMinnville Or 97128

or call 503-434-7518, TTY 1-800-735-2900, fax# 503-434-7520 or visit the Yamhill County website    or

Yamhill County 2020 Voters Pamphlet

Newberg City Councilperson - District 1     Elise Yarnell Hollamon

Newberg City Councilperson - District 3     Adam McGuffie                 Denise Bacon 

Newberg City Councilperson - District 5     Mike McBride                   Nicholas Morace 

                                                            Shy Summer Montoya       Maryl Kunkel 

Measure 36-205  Measure Arguments Yamhill County Pages 33-35

The school board has placed this $141 million general obligation bond on the ballot to fund health, safety, and security improvements, provide upgrades and updates to buildings, and improve/expand learning spaces. District will receive a State matching grant of up to $5,026,044 if bonds are approved. Proceeds would also fund issuance costs, furnishing, equipping and site improvements

You can also click on this link to learn more about: 

Yamhill County Commissioners

Yamhill County Election

Yamhill County Candidates

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