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This may be the first of its kind...We are providing Live pages for each city in Yamhill County. has already purchased each High schools corresponding Mascots name in preparation to promote each school on a website. Each website will be under the banner of the umbrella. Separately each city would be assigned a live Streaming 24/7 digital channel that would be provided under a mutually acceptable agreement between Oregon Pulse Network-KLYC 1260,, and the local school and/or district.


This project would offer Complimentary 24/7 live internet streaming of High School games, meetings, events and assemblies. The Cities could schedule city meetings and civic events to be aired live. Each Police Department including Yamhill County Sherriff Department could upload any announcements that may arise from accidents, fires, or National Disasters. Each could simply use their Smart Phone to record short Press Releases and then upload it immediately on their password protected site . The websites could also hold any video recordings made of style recordings that are already posted online, but can now be on a school specific monitored site supporting School Spirit.

This program will probably work best if the Large idea is planned out thoroughly with specific and measureable GOALS in place. It can be rolled out in a much smaller framework to work thru all of the growing pains and to let the Relationships and Performance be built as needed.

This would be a Great opportunity to allow the schools to start or enhance their Broadcasting, STEM, Band, Choir, certain school clubs and the Leadership programs. Once a Mentor is assigned, students could announce games, and bring online announcements and Entertainment representing their programs to their live streaming site. This could be part of a Pathway degree if designed right. Once the students prove their  strengths, they could possibly be eligible to be mentored on air at KLYC 1260 radio. The STEM portion could design and maintain the web site while maintaining our Basic requirements.

This possibility is endless as it may allow students with digital mixing and engineering skills, our Award winning Bands and Choirs, and other possible clubs to stream Live around the world or easily to family and friends, either live concerts or pre-recorded events.

Now any sporting event can be aired live by students providing them with the experience of "live air time" which could not be available before.

Once these partnerships are in place, then we can provide an additional Internet station that the schools can partner together and be for the Music that the students actually prefer. The students can develop a schedule to have each school be assigned a time separately and/or as a combined student Team for a combined skill level thru ought the county. This could also bring in time slots for the Band and Choir.

It is our Goal that these be developed in a partnership between:

KLYC 1260 Radio and their Parent company Oregon Pulse Network

The High School from each city with School Districts approval

Local City officials allowing airing of their city meetings

Local Police and Fire Departments for Emergency or Transportation immediate announcements

Linfield College providing teacher oversight for students and Mentoring capabilities

Chemeketa Community College possibly either as Mentors or volunteers

Comcast local channel broadcasting team

The local school domains are:

It is our hope that we find a Local citizen or apply for a Grant that could help us financially support the stipend or Mentor cost that would be needed to provide the educational oversight that would be required for safety and liability purposes. Our guess is that the  Annual cost would be in the $500- $1,000 range depending what all is included in the initial roll out phase and who is ultimately responsible for website and broadcast review uploading.  

We hope that this loosely scripted idea is able to start the thinking of what all of the possibilities could be. The only limiting factors is how to secure the minimal dollars that would be needed to provided student oversight. The benefits could be the difference between local students of all types feeling they finally have a reachable and fun way to experience this type of field, and being able to realize how they could make this into a career .


We are asking for a brief 15 minute meeting to show you quickly what we already have in place and try to determine what our next steps would need to be.


Thank you for taking the time in reading this and please feel free to contact me to line up a brief time that will fit into your schedule best.


Alan Baker


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