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Website Service Agreement Signup

Click here to download a printer friendly version Annual Service Agreement      


Business Type:______________________________________________________________



has agreed to enter into this contract with (YCL) under the following conditions:


Price:    $100 Businesses with 2 or more employees

           $50 Independent Contractor & Small Businesses with up to 1 employee

Your Business will be listed and Promoted on YCL for 1 full year including 2 ads you provide.

Payment type: Cash, Check, Credit Card or Pay Pal :________________________________________

Amount Paid: _________   Date Paid or Due to be Paid:___________________________________

Once contract is signed and payment received by YCL, your company information and 2 business card size ads

(1 horizontal & 1 vertical) will be loaded up on the YCL website within 48 hours, website design and upload may

take longer depending on complexity.


Contract date: _________________________ - _________________________ (last day of month)

Business address:______________________________________________________________


Email: _____________________________________________________________________

Website: ___________________________________________________________________

Facebook: ___________________________________________________________________

Contractors CCB# if applicable:______________________________________________________

Fields of expertise: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



I have read the back of this agreement and agree to all terms. and its affiliated domain names are owned and managed by Baker Consulting LLC.


Please make your checks payable to or Baker Consulting LLC.

Please Mail to: 125 NE 3rd St McMinnville Or 97128


________________________________           Date: __________________________

Business responsible party          Title


________________________________           Date: __________________________

Alan Baker – 503.434.0545

Baker Consulting LLC  PO Box 241 McMinnville OR 97128


Comments: ____________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




You hereby agree that if your check comes back NSF you will be responsible for replacement of form of payment and any of our bank costs pertaining to your check.


YCL will verify that these businesses are in good standing with both the Better Business Bureau and/or any correlating oversight board or licensing agency at the time of sign-up, but changes may have happened since then that we are not aware of.


All businesses agree that if you receive notification from your Fields Governing Board and that you have a negative decision filed, you agree to let us know within 30 days. We will remove your company from our site within 48 hours upon said receipt. Once the issue has been removed, you may reapply for reinstatement, your reinstatement approval will be subject to a situational review of events.


I hereby agree that my business is in good standing and by the best of my knowledge I do not know of any open disputes or claims that may affect my clear status with my above-mentioned agencies/ boards.

Alan Baker Phone: 503.434.0545

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