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Yamhill County Wineries


Welcome to Yamhill County, home to some of the best wines in the world. Beautiful vineyards and wineries are sitting atop some of the finest farmland in the Willamette Valley. Pick your favorite wine with your favorite view, then come out to sit and sip to your heart's content. Newberg is less than 30 minutes from Portland and McMinnville is slightly more than 45 minutes. , Depending on your time availability or maybe you are visiting friends and family nearby, we have so many possibilities that can start your memories today. Choose from an incredible bed and breakfast or maybe a five star resort.  With 150+ Wineries and Vineyards in the Willamette Valley and over 100 in Yamhill County alone, you too can see why the world keeps knocking on our door and visiting us so often.  Don't worry..  See you Soon....Cheers from all our Yamhill County Wineries!

Oregons Best Wines

The above link has our extensive list of Websites designed for you to know where to visit and what to see in the Willamette Valley.

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