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Yamhill County Made

We are Excited to bring this page to you High Lighting the Amazing list of Quality items that are made in Yamhill County. With our Agriculture, Climate, Demographics and approximity to  Oregon's Major cities and transportation hubs,  People have designed and expanded thier businesses to show off some of the Best products on the market.

Below is a list of Categories and Products that are made in Yamhill County along with the Companies contact &/or where to buy them.

This site has just went Live so Please check back to watch our list of businesses grow.

Company Name               What they Make            Website                                       Buy It Local?

Blue Raeven Farmstand    Fresh Delicious Pies              Yes- Website

Golden Valley Brewery      Incredible Beers          Yes-GVBP

Coastal Mountain Springs  Bottled Spring Water   Yes-Website

Crown creations Lab         Dental Crowns                 Yes-Website

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