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Portable Toilets

Services We Offer

At McMinnville Pumping, LLC we offer:

  • Dependable Services

  • Tank Inspections

  • Locating

  • Portable Toilet Rentals

  • Portable Sink Rentals

  • Line Camera Inspections

  • 24/7 Emergency Phoneline Service

Give us a call today for all your needs or any questions you may have! 503-472-1323


Question: Why do I need to have my septic tank pumped every 4-5 years?

Answer: If you don't pump your tank solid waste builds up in your tank and can rip off or damage your inlet or your outlet that goes to your drain field this will allow solids to infiltrate and destroy your drain field.

Question: My toilet doesn't flush very fast when its raining and I can't use my washing machine or it backs up when its raining.

Answer: This is most likely a drain field problem. What happens is your drain field is saturated and cannot handle the water load and just like a clogged pipe if the water has no where to go it backs up. Pumping your tank will not solve this problem.

Question: Should I add any enzymes to my septic tank?

Answer: No, this is really not needed. The enzymes are in your waste. The only time you may need to add enzymes if you have hard water issues or some other issue that is killing the enzymes.

Question: Do you keep records of the last service call I've placed with your company?

Answer: Yes, we actually have records from DND Septic when my parents bought the company under Chem Cans and Portable Toilets and then I purchased the Septic Tank side of the business and have records all the way back to the late 70s.

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