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Yamhill County Winery Partners

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This page is designed to be central database and to be able to quickly link the various companies from Yamhill County that have or are working with the winery and Vineyard companies. The knowledge and skills that are needed to create and maintain our Amazing Wines and the Vineyards that produce them, is not an easy task to learn. It takes years of practice and proving that you have mastered your profession and that you can bring those skills when needed.

We feel that promoting the local talent and deep roots of the companies that have helped Develope and Strengthen this industry should be something we are Proud of. Let's concentrate on leveraging what Yamhill County companies can do before contacting out of area companies to assist you. Let's help local companies expand and fill the missing segments of the Wine Industry if and when it is possible. There are some Great companies that are not from Yamhill County that are critical to keep using, we just ask that think LOCAL before you hire someone from outside. This will keep more jobs and Dollars in our Economy and hopefully bring New Businesses to take up Roots as well.

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Tool Craft Incorporated

3220 SE Dayton Bypass 
Dayton, Oregon 97114

(503) 864-4337

Tool Craft is a steel fabrication and installation company that has been in business for over 40 years. We offer a large variety of services, including the resale of surplus steel, custom fabrication, as well as large and small installations.

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