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Yamhill County Business Development Partners

Yamhill County Directory of City and Development Contacts 

Yamhill County official Website                                503-472-9371    Facebook


McMinnville City official Website                              503-434-7309   facebook

McMinnville Economic Development Partnership     503-550-8504   Facebook

McMinnville Chamber of Commerce                         503-472-6196    Facebook

McMinnville Downtown Association                         503-473-3605   Facebook

McMinnville Water & Light                                       503-472-6158    Facebook

McMinnville Building Department                            503-434-7314            

McMinnville Planning Department                           503-434-7311                       


Newberg City official site                                         503-538-9421   Facebook

Newberg Building-Planning eTrakit                                                  Facebook

Chehalem Valley chamber of Commerce                   503-538-2014   Facebook

Chehalem Valley Business Accelerator                      971-264-0842   Facebook


Dundee City official Website                                     503-538-3922  Facebook


Amity City Official  Website                                                              Facebook


Dayton City Official Website                                     503-864-2221   Facebook


Lafayette City Official Website                                  503-864-2451  Facebook

Carlton City Official City Website                               503-852-7575  Facebook

Yamhill City Official Website                                      503-662-3511  Facebook

Sheridan City Official Website                                   503-843-2347  Facebook

Sheridan Chamber of Commerce                               503-852-1760  Facebook      Sheridan Chamber of Commerce

Willamina City Official Website                                  503-876-2242  Facebook


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