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Yamhill County Election Advertising

Welcome to our web page dedicated to bringing information, Events and Candidates Bio's of the Yamhill County Elections. We felt this would be a very good space for simple links to the various people and issues that effect Yamhill County during the Election season as well as all year long. Our Elections page will have more information on our Yamhill County Elections both before, during, and after with county election results. It will also feature links to the Voter's pamphlet and our county election website. I am not trying to duplicate other content that is out there, just easily link to it.


I have created a separate page for each city including all the candidates names and the office they are running for as well as any measures being voted on. I have provided this at no charge so that the public will easily be able to understand what offices are up for re-elections and who is competing for each in one simple place. The only cost is the $50 to have your photo, any contact info and links to social media, and a short bullet point of your focused topics you are running on.

If you are a member of a Yamhill County political chapter or a supporter, please feel free to contact me to hear how you can upload info to this page. It just takes a representative of the political group to join our web site for the annual cost of $50.


This price includes some ongoing year around advertising along the bottom of our web pages, Additional inexpensive ads can be purchased for rotation along the bottom of other specific pages. Please look on the upper left of our front page and click on the "Advertising" button. 

We will add additional links to recognized parties and organizations that have been approved to be included in the Yamhill County voters pamphlet once a Party member has successfully joined our website and paid our annual cost.

My GOAL is to have this page be run as a neutral page with no preferential comments or agreements that are different from the rest of the pages on our website.


Thank you for your time and I look forward to Speaking with you later. 

Alan Baker


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