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About Us & Why did we start this site?

Alan Baker, Michelle Baker & Casey Baker ​

I just wanted to take a quick minute to say Hi, and make sure you knew about our Great new online Community website that we launched September 2017. We have designed it to bring Local Business,  an Information search & Social Media together for you.​

We have researched and launched a new website;, that is based on any business is listed on site, must have a Yamhill County address or they are not allowed to join. This idea started with the needs of our clients and what’s warranted during Real Estate transactions. The need for contractors, inspectors, lenders, title/escrow and insurance companies; whose contact information and accurate up to date links are not provided easily in a single location that is easy to navigate. Of course, a lot of us try to promote and push using local businesses, but quite often either the lack of availability or lack of contact information, our clients end up using people we don’t know either local or out of town. With contractors there is a year around need for a quick contact list for either home projects or Business remodel/expansions. There actually is no list anywhere that has a list of Yamhill county contractors that either other contractors or the public can have access to. This list will be able to show us not only who is, but what contracting areas are not available to find locally. I feel this will help our local builders determine how they can expand and fill a local need with no to minimal competition.​

We personally have quite a list of contacts and people we use for our own business needs. With us being in the business for 28 years , local Realtors and our clients continually call or email us for their standard “Who do you use or recommend?” I finally decided to make a neutral website that we could upload our information and try to obtain as many other local business contacts that also had our same vision. So I launched our site with the help of both my partners- Michelle (Book Keeping & wife) and our son Casey (website design) on September 22nd, 2017. We have already signed up over 160+ businesses as of last week with another approx. 5-10 joining weekly.

Our Goal is 1,000 business in Yamhill County and that should be easily reachable with us and our partners working together. What makes our site different is the public does not have to sign up or provide any personal information, therefore our website does not have any information that is hackable that isn’t already public. Also the public will see the full list of businesses and contractors, and then they can start their calling from there. No one chooses which company is Best for you...You do.​

We have chosen to have our website membership priced at 2 affordable prices as follows:

1-$100 to join as a Business, and any additional branches in Yamhill County are each at half price,

2-$50 for Independent Contractors and Small Businesses with up to 1 employee.

I have purchased 500+Domain names so far that are either currently or will be pointing to our site. These domains are including the 250+ Yamhill County and each town separately with as many business categories tied to them. Examples are,,,,,,, and just to name a few. Each of these will be pointed to each of our categories or sub-categories on our site. When I find a new need or business I purchase the domains. We are including 2 rotating business card size ads     (1 horizontal and 1 vertical) that is complimentary on our site for all 12 months. After that our ads will be available on a monthly or quarterly basis at a very affordable rate.

We have also purchased Domain names for all of the Yamhill County high schools and most of the state’s Major college teams such as,,, , ,, & . We have sports page that has all our sport links active with a live link from each school/teams site that will auto update our site. We feel this is an Excellent way to stay on top of what sports are going on in our state.​

We have spoken with local businesses and Restaurants and together have determined that there is a large need for posting the availability of local events, Music and schedules. We have purchased various names like,,,,, & for examples. From our research we have determined that each of these will be heavily searched and bring locals to our site while we fill a need in the community. Our goal is to have a simple site where locals can click on a few buttons and have all activities, music and festivals posted on 1 site for both the towns and county. We have already found this to be one of the hottest features as service clubs and churches have various auctions or events that they would love free ongoing publicity for certain events. We will ask every Restaurant and business to send us a link of their event page that we can keep posted on our Events page.

The last set of features I will mention is our complimentary full list of all links to Schools, Churches, Service clubs, Non-Profits, parks, cities, Yamhill County, utilities, and various other major cities, counties, and points of Interests across the Western Half of Oregon. We have purchased a similar name for each of them such as, and to name a few with each having a page of information and links available on our site. I figure this will both be informative to the public when someone is on our site, and each of the domain words are SEO search words that will drive traffic to our site. As you can see our site is designed to be here for a long time and provide a very affordable way for our community to find and stay in touch with LOCAL businesses. This is what will keep our Wonderful Community as close to the way it is as we grow. This is not just a buy local campaign, we feel it is a support our Local community Businesses and services website.​

Thanks again for taking your time to read this explanatory letter and feel free to visit our site again. Please keep in mind that as we are a newer site, we are still creating the remainder of business pages as we sign up new businesses. We hope you choose to join us and together we can keep molding our site, and partner with your needs to keep building our local economy at an affordable rate.​

Alan Baker   503-434-0545


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