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Thank you for visiting our ad page. We have left space on purpose between ads to make it easier to see their sizes. These 2 Ads are Basic business card and double business card size horizontal and 1 business card ad is included and will run continually on a rotational basis.

These are our regular Ad sizes, Larger ads are available upon request and will cost the approx. same per inch. If you want to provide various Ads of each size to allow for better rotation that would be Great.

(A) Business card size 2" x 3.5"-1 Free, (B) Business card size 2"x 3.5" $10 , (C) Double business card size 2" x 7" $20 ...can be purchased on a monthly or quarterly basis along the bottom will be available for complimentary rotation if they are not already reserved. 

We most commonly receive Jpg or PDF ads although we can possibly accept others upon request, We can manipulate these to fit most sizes for our website.   We will do our best not to alter the ads, and will expand them and contract them via the corner arrows which should keep them height & width proportionate

We would love to have a discussion if you have a creative idea or marketing plan that we can help roll out. Maybe how you can provide a benefit that can help others in a special way, your national marketing may have specific articles that may be able to help on our other pages, or we could link our event calendar to your events page on your website. We will do our best to place your ads on certain pages, but we will need to do our best to be fair and rotate ads as our website family of businesses grows.


Please feel free to email me at , or call me 503-434-0545 to discuss.

Thank you again for being a member of our website, We look forward to working with each of you and helping expand your business while saving your advertising budget money.

Sincerely, Alan Baker Owner & Marketing Director of your Local Yamhill County Search engine.   503-434-0545

Business card size Ad (A) 2"x3.5"

1 Ad Included Free

Business card size Ad (B) 2"x3.5"

$10 each additional

Ad (C) 10"x3"  $20/m

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